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This review may contain spoilers.

Let's start by stating the obvious: A movie where Winston Duke spreads his thighs open on a bed in boxer shorts could never be bad. Add in Lupita Nyong'o finally taking a role that lets her really, truly act and you're cooking with gas. Unfortunately, the whole thing is kind of a wash. Yes, there's a lot to love -- the entire cast is phenomenal, really evocative scares in the first half, such realistic sibling/family dynamics, a thoughtful visual style, nice narrative threads about identity and class, hell even a great title card! That said, it's hard not to feel like Peele's his own worst enemy here. The frequent moments of heavy exposition completely undermine the tension and only serve to emphasize the nonsensical plot. I can't decide if it matters whether the movie is taking itself seriously or knows its ridiculous, but regardless, even on rewatch, I couldn't get myself to buy what it's selling. The movie doesn't do itself any favors by making Lupita say lines as bad as: "We're Americans." That line is just so bad (and frustrating, too, when she could have just said, "we're you!"). Still, so long as you don't think too much about it, there's a lot to enjoy here. If Peele's thing is going to be big and bold horror movies that are palatable for mainstream audiences then we could do a lot worse, but he's definitely capable of being better.

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