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  • Semblance: Frampton Brakhage Relation
  • The Garden of Earthly Delights
  • Petrichor
  • Comingled Containers

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  • Burial Pyramid

  • Chicken Movie, Chicken Piece

  • Room Film With Reflections

  • Obscura

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  • Quiet City

    Quiet City


    mumblecore feels so special while watching it.
    Could not have seen anything better as the leaves dance with the summer wind outside of my window.

    It just feels like life. Sweet characters, naif too.
    the keyboard moment is poetry.

  • Journey to a Mother's Room

    Journey to a Mother's Room


    the movie choosing not to leave the appartament during a certain part of the film is such a great choice of mise-en-scene.
    The importance of a space in a relationship. The relation between a person and the space... the composition does this so well.
    Honest, sweet... real.