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  • Okja


    originally watched to whore over devin but i feel fucked the tears wow.

  • Amélie



    watched over the period of two film classes it was hard to appreciate at first partly cause it was a slightly boring start but also combined with having to watch it under and educational setting with people i don’ for 😐 but the ending was so cute in love with amelie and nino

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  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites


    so many things i could say ab i made a lil list

    1. winona dancing around in a convenience store is my new aesthetic (it was originally just winona existing in a convenience store)
    2. this is a bisexuals dream
    3. wish this was real and i just made out with every character from time to time 
    4. young angsty horny ethan hawke come back to me
    5. da casting of all 4 of them..hol up..y’all did sumn..

  • Midsommar



    uh yeah florence pugh owns me now. literally the more you think ab it the better it gets it was like the perfect combination of disturbing and comedy i feel like i’m already due for a rewatch