Apocalypse Now ★★★★★

“Someday this war’s gonna end.”

Chills. When that serene green landscape with those beautiful palm trees and the curling yellow fumes bursts into flame, when the beat drops and that voice begins to sing this is the end, I felt chills run up and down my spine. This was going to be something great. I could feel it in my bones.

What do you get when you give a brilliant, hubristic mind the freedom to make whatever the fuck he likes, however he likes? What do you get after two of the most beautiful films ever made, two films that managed to marry art and commercial success in a way that so few had managed to achieve on such a grand scale before? You get a passion project that is about one situation and about the whole wide world all at once. You get Apocalypse Now.

I don’t know how to talk about it. I’m not really sure what I've just experienced. All I remember is faces and eyes and neon smoke. Gunshots and blank-eyed Vietnamese and a mother telling her son to avoid the bullets so he can get home safe. Men who would rather be out there in the forest among grenades and bloodshed than back in the regular world. Soldiers blasting Wagner as their helicopters descend to manufacture yet another apocalypse. Natives fleeing like helpless ants. Colonel Kurtz, revealed only in fragments, lurid orange light illuminating his bald head like a crescent moon. A severed head.

“He’s a poet warrior in the classical sense.”

Apocalypse Now is the most disturbing film I’ve ever watched. I want to forget it, but I want to see it again, too, and perhaps understand it in a different way, in a deeper way. It’s one of those films that feels as though it could very well mutate behind my back, turn into something else entirely by the time I return to it. It’s alive and real and completely fucking insane like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before, with those mesmerizing voices and faces and breathtaking visuals that narrate death and hysteria and complete, inescapable madness. Apocalypse Now is a glimpse into hell itself.

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