Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

Alongside Spider-man Homecoming you could proclaim Dr. Strange is an outlier of the MCU, and thus a weaker realized contribution to the universe, but its differential strangeness is what makes it soar. 

Yes, we get yet another arrogant man who is slightly humbled under the realization that he is not the center of the universe, but Cumberbatch’s Strange is just what the doctor ordered. 

No tycoon or heir apparent of a vast fortune, like his other fictional compatriots, Stephen Strange is a self-made man, whose hard work and intellectual prowess has garnered him professional success of the highest order. And despite some small character likeness to Stark, the two couldn’t be more different. A character portrayal that Cumberbatch gracefully executes with a finesse that in lesser hands could’ve easily been forgettable  or a laughable joke, given he’s well a ‘wizard’. Instead Cumberbatch delivers us a tenacious, controlled, egotistical miracle worker, with a strong pension for trivial popular music anecdotes, whose insecurities create this dimensions shining knight— or rather greatest sorcerer. 

While we can’t help, but be enamored by this bizarre world where time and reality are beyond human understanding. As Dr. Strange paints a mesmerizing visual spectacle that dazzles at every turn. Your eyes will be awestruck by depth of this illusionist CGI world folding between space and time, where characters travel in mere seconds from New York to desert isles. 

And yes like its predecessors Dr. Strange leans on its well-timed humor to keep things from turning stale and grim. Meanwhile we not only see the rise of a hero, but the birth of a villain and that makes this a reality worth exploring.

The take away: 

1. You could probably create a whole comic or a short film called the Adventures of Cape & Strange. 

2. It would have been nice if we got more Tony and Strange onscreen interactions. Nothing like two arrogant men trying to up one another. 

3. Well you’ll just have wait and see.

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