i just want to log the films i'm watching. i joined aug '20 so just bear w me.

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  • Omkara



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    every version of othello pisses me off and in every version everyone has to suffer bc this man is so insecure and prone to jealousy bitch get it the fuck together you small weak minded foOL. your boy convinces you she's cheating on you with nO proof so you smother her to death on your suhaag raat? nOW WHAT IDIOT? NOW WHAT DO YOU HAVE? YOUR POOR LOVING LOYAL WIFE'S CORPSE? WHO HAD NO ONE BUT YOU IN THE WORLD?…

  • Bareilly Ki Barfi

    Bareilly Ki Barfi


    "arey, hamare paas aisee razai hai!!" - a very happy UP family

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  • A Suitable Boy

    A Suitable Boy


    i think this is actually a three star mini series but it gets half a star more for north indian shias on screen and tabu. didn't get a whole star because kabir deserved better.

  • Pride and Protest

    Pride and Protest


    !!!! non-white queer discourse!!!! that's all a bitch wants to see!!! is it perfect? is it neat and tidy? who knows not me but what i do know is that seeing black and brown lgbt+ voices in the forefront is what we nEED and here it is !!!

    disclaimer: i am manpreet's university wife and very bias

    [edit: it's available here ( for a week on demand!!]