Midsommar ★★★★★

Midsommar [The directors cut] was incredible and the only version of this film I have seen. A relationship breakup set in a macabre fairytale in a remote Swedish village.
“Do you feel held by him? Does he feel like home to you?”
Wow ! well the villagers certainly embraced Florence and made her feel powerful and protected.
I adored Midsommar. I had no problem with the 170 min run time it was worth my time. The symbolism of the geometric designs. The shapes and text used in the film were detailed and enriching to the overall story. The beauty and symmetry and location design layout for the rituals / dining and ceremonies were visually stunning. The artistry and intricate details in the set and production design were so intriguing. 
I appreciated how many visual cues were given through pictograms and wall paper and fabric illustrations. 
I felt like I was absorbing this film through imagery and emotive feelings. The intimate scenes with Florence Pugh expressing her emotional pain, grief, panic were so engaging they really gave me goose bumps tingles. I had compassion and empathy for the 🌸May Flower Queen🌸 she was enchanting and captivating. This film was a major improvement on hereditary which I didn’t enjoy as much. Ari Aster keep up the epic movie making magic. I dig it big time.

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