The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

the bat and the cat. it’s got a nice ring. 

emo bruce wayne you will always be famous!!!!!! y’all oh my fucking god ☆_____☆ what a masterpiece of a film, im actually in awe. the visuals, the score, the performances (paul dano ily)!!!!! i’m literally never going to forget this score ever omg michael giacchino i’m sorry to have ever doubted u king…

also so many of these shots were so fucking cool, the shot of the batmobile had me foaming at the mouth. the chemistry between rob & zoe was INSAAANE they’re literally crazy. also watching in dolby was the biggest trip ever i was literally shaking it was so LOUD (in a good way), the fight sequences were so satisfying and i could feel everything from my chair pls i wish i could relive that experience already….. i love u battinson

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