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  • Grosse Pointe Blank

    Grosse Pointe Blank


    So, they’re only a couple hours outside of Grosse Pointe before Minnie kicks Cusack to the curb, right? Realizes he’s a neurotic stiff and they’ve got nothing in common? Settles in a college mountain town and opens a really hip record store? Lives out the rest of her days in peaceful solitude, happy and profoundly comfortable in her own skin?

    Armitage made a pair of great movies in the 90s, each one with a love interest/girlfriend character who’s infinitely more…

  • Irresistible


    You’ve all got that Office Funny Guy at your jobs, right? The guy who always wears loud shirts and/or ties and has the silly ringtone (“Karma Chameleon,” in this case) and tells fart jokes in the break room and gets REALLY into the office Halloween party every year? For me, the Office Funny Guy was Clay.

    Clay always had comic strips taped to his office door and addressed us all by the cutesy nicknames he came up with for us…

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  • Talk Radio

    Talk Radio


    Was finally able to cross this one off the “Somehow I’ve Never Seen It” list last night after meaning to catch up with it for the last several decades. It is exactly as sour and contemptuous as I thought it would be. I laughed out loud at the shot near the end when Stone gives us a giant close-up of the shooter’s rotten teeth, as if to say “see? I rest my case!”

    For about an eight-year period there, Stone…

  • Mohawk


    filmed on location in that patch of woods out behind Kenny's house.