Joker ★★

Turns out the campy Venom movie is better than the pretentious Joker movie, can't believe one of the most interesting villains in comicbook history got such a one-note rendition.

I knew we were in trouble once things started with the retro Warner Bros. logo... The movie itself is just OK, it really is Taxi Driver X Kings of Comedy but without any of the substance. It drags in the middle and it doesn't help that we know where the plot is headed since it's an origin story.

There are some bits of the origins that I really liked, such as the explanation for his laughing condition, and Joaquin's performance is great but the character itself is boring. He's already a bit off his rockers when the movie starts, so you never get to know him before he has mental issues; there has been iterations on Joker's origins in the comics that are more interesting because they show him as a sane person who is more relatable. Here, we get 2 hours of a guy who is naive and kind of a dummy... Forrest Gump gone evil.

Personality wise, this Joker is a flat character, a socially awkward wannabe comedian who likes to take care of his momma; I really can't buy that he ends up becoming a criminal mastermind. It's not the same universe and it's a different take but this Joker isn't going to pull a heist, lead a bunch of goons, seduce Harley Quinn, or face Batman as an agent of chaos... He's just a deranged and pathetic simpleton.

The themes are not as deep, smart or insightful as Todd Phillips thinks they are, people who only watch superhero movies will think of it as a masterpiece, and it's cool that we now get arthouse comicbook films, but Joker simply doesn't have a lot to say; it alludes to a bigger message but it's all surface level, there isn't a lot of meat on the bones.

Also, Hollywood has killed Bruce's parents so much that it's a meme now, I legit laughed when it happened.

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