Wonder Woman ★★★★

Always have hope in humanity because love can conquer all. It's a beautiful message and it reminds me of the through line in The Last Jedi. Diana's conflict with Ares parallels the struggle Luke faces when he confronts the Emperor in Return of the Jedi.

I'm glad Patty Jenkins is making a Star Wars movie because she gets it.

What works:
-Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are perfect casting, they both fully own their roles and they have good chemistry together.
-All the fish out of water gags with Diana are great, 'You should be very proud"... reminds me of the first Thor movie.
-Everything about Themyscira; I want to spend more time there, give me a movie about Robin Wright and the Amazonians.
-The set-up and pay-off for Diana fighting through the trenches is really well-executed, it's an instantly iconic hero moment and I imagine it's a lot more effective on girls who see a female superhero take the lead for the first time, even the wifey went: "wowwww" as Diana started climbing up that ladder.
-The choreography on the few practical fight scenes and the slow-mo for some of the shots really made the action pop, making it feel like a comicbook panel coming to life.

What doesn't work:
-Pacing is a bit off: we spend too much time in London.
-For a 2 hour and 20 minute long movie, some characters and plot points are never fleshed out: Dr. Poison and Ludendorff, Diana's sidekicks, Ares and the villain twist... it's all a bit hamfisted and screams of studio interference.
-The CGI ages the movie and there is way too much of it in the final act.