Dunkirk ★★★★

There's a very good review by Chris Richmond that pretty much covers everything I didn't like about the movie & more, so I'm linking it here, and I'll also add that the change in aspect ratio was really annoying and took me out of the movie several times, and same goes with the timeline. I thought the concept was promising but it got confusing and annoying very fast.

Despite all this, I still really enjoyed the movie.
The color palette is absolutely wonderful and complements the sky and the sea so well, I'm still in awe at all those splendid shots. Also I now understand why some people are rooting for this movie to win best cinematography at the Oscars.
The soundtrack is pretty good but really does feel like a rehash of other Zimmer's soundtracks. But it's efficient and that's what matters I guess.
There's not much thematically besides "war is bad" & "solidarity is good" and... we been knew for a while now. Still, those are solid themes and they're done efficiently again.
All in all, I feel like the only thing I found outstanding was the visuals, the rest is "just" efficient. Still a good movie though.

Sidenote: those actors really did all look like each other omg

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