A Ghost Story ★★★★★

Peaceful. Calm. Tender. Simple. Soothing. Slow, but never boring. Devastating. Beautiful. A Ghost Story is an entirely unique film that is unlike anything I've ever seen. It was a deeply emotional experience from beginning to end and it's a film I will not soon forget.

This film is both minuscule and massive in its scope. Almost all of it takes place in one small location, but it transcends time and reality. It's absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Much of it is done with minimal dialogue and it's beautiful. Then there's a chunk of the film with a massive monologue and it's still beautiful. (That part was very risky. If that monologue had been written or delivered poorly, it could have killed the whole movie. Fortunately it was executed perfectly and fit right in.) 

This film isn't in any hurry to get from scene to scene, but it never becomes boring. There are extremely long takes of many different actions that would likely be tedious or unnecessary in any other movie. A single shot of a couple silently cuddling in bed lasts minutes. A shot of a woman eating a pie lasts even longer.   But here, these scenes are all filled with so much emotion that I never lost interest. In fact, I was completely engrossed in the film all the way through. 

The journey of the main ghost was incredible and moving. You couldn't see his face and the sheet's vacant expression remained constant, but his emotions were always clear and powerful. His story managed to perfectly blend original and creative high concept storytelling with profound and intimate character work in a way that I absolutely adored. 

A Ghost Story really got to me in ways I wasn't expecting. It's truly a work of art that deserves to be appreciated.


MOSTLY UNRELATED SIDE NOTES: This movie was often very quiet and I could occasionally hear neighboring theaters, which was a little distracting. I was able to identify both Bellbottoms and Debra from the room playing Baby Driver next door. Even worse, during one of the most quite and intimate scenes of the film I was able to clearly hear that really annoying Pitch Perfect 3 commercial that has bombarded me before virtually every single movie I've seen in theaters in the past two months. As annoying as that was, it doesn't detract from the quality of the film.

Also, after the movie was over and we headed back to our cars, there was a bunch of screaming coming from the parking garage where my friends were parked. I offered them a ride, but they decided to risk it and and go to their car. I was like 45% sure they had been murdered for most of my drive home. They're ok though, so that's good.

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