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  • Roma



    This is still so good. Even after 3 rewatches. This is pure excellence. Every time I watch it I notice something different about a certain character, or a scene, or even a cinematographic choice. Amazing

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    I had high expectations but it wasn't that good. A lot of the 'plot twist' were actually predictible. The cast was good though and it was still enjoyable! I liked the way it was filmed and the concept was great though they could have done better.
    I loved the aspect of the movie were they realize it's not a simple puzzle but it's about 'them', kind of like a trial. (I have not seen Saw but everyone said that so I guess this is where everything makes sense).

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  • Arrival



    So I'm finally writing a review about my favorite movie.

    At this point, it's not even a review, it's a love letter. I'm so picky when it comes to movies. I'm the kind of girl who will literally make you a list when you ask her 'what's your favorite movies?' just because I can't say like five movies, it's impossible. But now, I KNOW, i just know it deep down that Arrival is my favorite movie, and yes I have…

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    Sandra's acting, THE F*CKING KIDS, the whole cast itself. The story. The way it's filmed. Everything. I loved this movie. It's not cliché like every world ending movie.

    I literally burst out of tears at the end, it was so beautiful and so sad but so beautiful. And I cried for five, long, straight minutes.