The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

How can a film feel so intangible and esoteric while also being visceral and thematically obvious?

I’m not sure if I was just struggling to connect with the movie or if I was distracted by how unusually hot the theater was that night but it took me a good 45 minutes to get on the movie’s wavelength. But once Gawain started entering the various vignettes, I was on board. This movie has a lot on its mind. It feels like almost everything means something. Even when that meaning is occasionally not immediately clear, it remains some truly fascinating filmmaking. I wish I had published a review closer to when I actually watched this film—when my thoughts were still fresh and I felt like I had gleaned some profundity from the experience.

What I know right this moment:
This is a supremely weird movie that is entirely comfortable with taking a slow pace to tell its story. Tonally it is all over the place. One minute it registers as a borderline campy ‘80s style fantasy epic and the next minute it is a tense slow burn. And even with this wild tonal structure, it always feels like one complete vision. And it is a gorgeous vision. Such lush cinematography at some truly jaw dropping locales. Just one feature length flex.

This ran long.
Anyway, here’s a reductive film-bro take:
Seventh Seal + Valhalla Rising + Cosmopolis
= Green Knight

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