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Siskel and Ebert Top Ten List Films that Overlapped

George Hickman

George Hickman 152 films

The Dissolve's [UNOFFICIAL] Best Films of 2018

Kevin White

Kevin White 20 films

Movies That Would More or Less Scan the Same But Arguably Make for More Interesting Replacements for the Titular Film Referenced in the Chorus of Deep Blue Something's 1995 Hit Single "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Those Eyebrows

Those Eyebrows 84 films

The (Unofficial) Dissolve's Best Films of 2017

Kevin White

Kevin White 20 films

You Want It Darker


mattyfastwheelz 1,110 films

Movies To See Checklist 2016

Scott Tobias

Scott Tobias 156 films

Top 30 of 2015

Scott Tobias

Scott Tobias 30 films

Movies I Got For My Dad Which I Later On I Deleted Because I Couldn't Justify Keeping These Utterly Shit Movies

Buddy O

Buddy O 442 films

Bond, Best to Worst

Brian Tousey

Brian Tousey 25 films

Thank You Filmspotting

Kyan Krumdieck

Kyan Krumdieck 39 films