Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

This is the third best Star Wars film made. I have some issues with it, but it mainly stands out as a great film.

While The Force Awakens was more lighthearted and more of an introduction to the new trilogy, this one is just better in so many aspects. That goes for my objective opinion too. It's way more dark entry in the series and works so well. It has an exciting plotline and is geniunely entertaining. Rian Johnson also feels like a way more established and experienced director than J. J. Abrams.

Some negative stuff is that it suffers from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many endings. It could have ended exactly six times and would have left me in awe, but it had to go on and ended a pretty mediocre place.
Also there was so many jumpcuts one would not believe it, and it took away the tension from many scenes, mostly taking place in the third act.
I'd claim that Kylo Ren has to be the weirdest created villian in the Star Wars universe. Something that made Darth Maul and Darth Vader kinda cool was that we never saw their faces. We do see Kylo Ren's face all the time, there's a half scene where he bears his mask. I have no problem in that. The audience gets a better and more personal feeling from that, but my line is kinda crossed when we see his full upper body. Nipples, stomach, you name it.
Most humour didn't fit into the story at all, giving us an unserious feeling whetever to think of it as a comedy or a thriller(ish).
Some average acting. I felt like Daisy Ridley was a step better and more confident in The Force Awakens than in this, but she's still decent. John Boyega wasn't mediocre at all, but his role was underused and suddenly, the climax to his own little personal plot felt strange.
Oscar Isaac, great actor but he doesn't fit perfectly into The Last Jedi and it's many small stories. Exactly as I felt with Daisy Ridley, he was just a great share better in The Force Awakens.
Domhall Gleeson. I'm still not seeing what he's doing there, as an actor.
And on top of the all, at last we have Benicio Del Toro. What did he do in it? What was his purpose? Why did he have so lame (toilet)humour.

That's about everything negative. The rest is superior. It has so many turns and unpredictable twists, is beautifully shot, has a darker tone to it fitting perfectly into the series, so many actors that are working so well together (Adam Driver and Mark Hamill gave the two best performances).

I'd like to give some more thoughts, but go into it as blind as you can (if you haven't seen it, why are you even reading this?!), and I'm tired af.

At last, this made me want to revisit every Star Wars film again, just so I can see, if they are actually as bad as I remember them to be.
I'm psyched for Episode IX.

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