Annette ★★

I’m 15 minutes in and I know I shouldn’t be reviewing this while I watch it but holy shit I don’t think I’m going to be able to recover from how much my body is rejecting this comedy opening. Is this…….. supposed to be a Bo Burnham parody? This fucking sucks lol

the farther away this got from the comedy the more I liked it, and I think I enjoyed the surreal melodrama of an operatic nightmare overall, but this was largely lost on me. I felt like a straight boomer watching the 2019 met gala, asking “is this camp?” over and over. 

I accept my own comedy bias dug a hole I couldn’t fully crawl out of. I couldn’t understand how seriously I was supposed to meditate on those scenes as commentary or a self aware attempt at characterizing Henry as a total loser. It felt like neither.

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