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  • Ad Lib Night

    Ad Lib Night


    Embraces the notion of performance as an embodiment of an alternative persona, one that provides not only an opportunity for expression but also an intersubjective domain where one's identity is at its most malleable. The performer engages in a transformative play of simulations and dissimulations, revealing the subversive potential of appearances that rely on not just the semblance of the self but the resemblance to a given role. Such a performative figure echoes the relationship between spectating and participating. Her…

  • Titane


    The early parallels between the clinical examination of a roaring engine and the voyeuristic gaze on women's bodies denote the eagerness in exploring the representative dimensions of human corporeality and their malleability. There's enough to suggest a topic on the prominent fetishism imposed upon human bodies, even those that no longer operate on conventional notions of gender, sexuality, or existence. Though such discourse has been better facilitated in earlier works that also pertain to the biomechanical (or biotechnological) metamorphosis of…

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