Burning ★★★★★

hey guys academy awards here we love to award films to recognize excellence in CINEMATIC and ARTISTIC achievements which is why we nominated films like WAKANDA FOREVER and DRIVING MISTER DAISY cuz those are TRULY the best films of the year hell yeah boissss haHAA we actually care about black people cuz we're not like the white people froom GET OUT whatsoever we also TRULY understand how IMPORTANT #MeToo is so we had to nominate BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY to honor kiddie diddler BRYAN SINGER #KevinSpaceyDidNothingWrong oh yah we also love DIVERSITY and REPRESENTATION soooo much so we made sure to nominate foreign films from every foreign country EXCEPT that one tiny ASIAN peninsula below China cuz we don't fucking remember the name of the country I mean why give a fuck about that and give it the VERY FIRST OSCAR NOMINATION when we have WEEB CINEMA oh yeah did you know SHOPLIFTERS is the first JAPANESE palme d'or-winner since the eel in 1997 what a crazy achievement like its practically the first time the country won it and its not like JAPANS an ASIAN country that never got it in the history of cannes before teehee uwu SUGOI moTHERfUckER

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