Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

There are very few directors you can say are perfectionists at what they do. Granted, there are many directors with talent. But none come close to being as exceptional as Fincher is. He is the God of modern filmmaking. He is the Da Vinci of cinema: in that he paints a graceful image of beauty and brilliance that are combined into a truly magnificent sight to behold. He sculptures an entertaining and highly arresting tale that few can argue against just how superb it is. He is an architect who creates an undeniably brilliant structure to his films. And like a carpenter, he chizzles away the rough edges to reveal a work that is flawless in each & every detail.

The intelligence of Fincher can not be denied. Not once has he sacrificed his works to please anyone. That old Hollywood myth "Give the audience what they want" does not apply to him. I'm sure he would say in reply to such a ridiculous belief "fuck that" with a slight hint of a sarcastic undertone. Because - after all - we're talking about Fincher here - one of the very few cinema rebels remaining today.

Now, about the film in question: Gone Girl. I was in complete wonderment - as usual with any Fincher film. This was not only an enormously exhilarating & truly captivating experience, it was a downright mindfucker of the highest order. During my viewing - from the very get go - I was ever so slowly realizing, over the course of this film, that my brain neurons were being subject to major endorphin overload. In other words: I was having a massive braingasm. The truth is, for the entirety of the film I felt that my brain cells were exploding, as if erupting in great sensations of divine pleasure due to how gratifying this experience was for me. I honestly can't describe what was going on up there (my brain) during the course of this vigorously beautiful mindfucker.

I honestly think this is the closest to Fight club Fincher has ever come to delivering a post (said) Fight Club mindfucking experience... I really do.

On to other matters. Ben affleck's performance as Nick Dunne is subtly brilliant - his power he brings to the character is truly impressive. He has the perfect amount of charm & charisma for the role. And let us not forget the utterly astonishing, Rosamund Pike - beautiful. Sexy. Deadly. Her performance will inevitably go down in the annals of cinema sociopath legend.

About the score? Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross' work here is something to really admire. From sounds of ambiance. To melancholic leaps of aggression & despair. To shockingly unsettling bounds into the macabre (the "lover's throat" scene comes to mind). All exquisitely executed. The images on screen combined with the score are in complete unison - never overlapping the emotions of the characters or story, simply heightening them, and never out of place (obviously).

Overall, I can say with full confidence that Fincher has done it again (like I ever doubted him?). And that his latest masterpiece is nothing less than the finest cinema can give... Gone Girl is a "triumph"... The master proves - yet again - he is an untouchable force to be reckoned with...

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