The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

This had a fantastic cast so I should have loved it. But the pacing killed it and it's a bit more convoluted then it should be. Not in the can't follow what's happening sense, more in the sense of why was this put in the movie it's rather unneeded in several spots. It's a very slow burn and the ending felt quite unresolved to me. Skarsgard did good and was creepy as always. Pattinson I don't think gets the credit he deserves and really did great. Holland.....didn't seem right for the script quite emotionless and wooden. Wasikowska was severely under utilized so was Bennett. Harry melling is still great as the guy I wish would get punched in the face. I really looked forward to this movie and it under preformed in everyway. I'll rewatch it again at some point so maybe it will be better then