Breathe ★★★★½

I feel personally attacked as to why people don't talk more about this movie??? contrary to (*my) popular belief I thought this was about two friends realizing their feelings for each other and I have never happier to have been more wrong in my life. two young teenage girls find console in each other while scattered among the burdens of high-school, but it's a much more heavily packed coming of age thriller.

sadly enough too many girls will find themselves resonating with Charlie, as I did. it exudes the all too familiar callous competitiveness and tormenting secrecy of young female relationships. these friendships can be quite grim at such an age when all feelings are heightened. Breathe unpacks a dense outlook on the all-consuming exchanging emotions between two adolescent girls still trying to pave their own way into who they want to become.

the life of each mother meticulously exemplifies the same relationships the girls establish with the world around them. it's a perfect complement from the mother's lifestyle to each daughter, easily justifying the whole "we are our parents children." Sarah effortlessly plays the double of her mother's condescending bullying, while Charlie becomes easily manipulated allowing herself to get walked all over. ultimately it makes an impactful showcase of just how
influential the relationships and actions seen in our parents can subsequently drive our lives.

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