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so here comes the Florida Project review from the Floridian. more specifically the Orlandorian? I'm not even sure if that's the correct term, but anyways yeah I reside in the city of Orlando run by the magic mouse. naturally this film will always stick with me.

aside from all the obvious beautiful things this film (cinematography, colours, acting, dialogue, storyline, etc.) I think it's a memorable film meant to stick around for a while. after having watched American Honey recently, I found similarities between the two. although I really do believe The Florida Project pulls off what American Honey couldn't, by acting allowing the viewer to connect with the characters. you genuinely care about Mooney and feel sorry for Halley .

considering all aspects of the filmmaking process I think what this pulls off is great. but aside from those aspects, this movie just makes me feel soft. I also just recently found out they have the script to the film in the hall of fame at my job which had me shook.

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