The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

”to my friend tom and getting off this goddamn rock”

I’ve spent the last night trying to analyze this film and contemplated how to properly review it, but i realize this isn’t really a film meant to be understood and interpreted in the traditional sense. this film stands as an experience through its reduced ratio, sound mixing, and most importantly the performances. 

The Lighthouse has an underlying dread that tugs at each last bit of sanity you have left, until you’re drowning in it and everything becomes blurred. Eggers is officially the king of American Gothic films. His menacing directorial style manages to create intricate haunting nightmares turned reality. his directorial choice in filming this in black & white brilliantly allows the viewer to focus on each crevice of the actors face, which is important with the range emotions through the film.

I recall the infamous question “If you were stranded on an island with someone who would you choose?” I would gladly pick Robert and Willem, buuuut whether they’d pick each other is unlikely. Robert and Willem are what happens when two troubled souls with an obvious disdain for each other (but also in love with each other?) end up stranded on an island together. the already unhinged duo become hysterical due to their haunting past that quickly turns into psychological chaos. 

idk about y’all but suddenly i have a kink for wickies

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