Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★½

haven’t watched enough of Lynch’s filmography to have a credible stance on his film style. from the total of three Lynch films I’ve watched I’ve gathered his pull toward fantasy-like worlds, but Wild at Heart primarily resides in the real world. it’s an action-packed romance starring Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage, a duo I thought unlikely to see in my lifetime but here we are. the pair is compulsively driven by violence, adventure, and sex - lots of sex.

i haven’t seen much of The Wizard of Oz other than some stupid high school homecoming theme so it took me a while to catch onto the little influences here and there. after it clicked the references became obnoxiously obvious and i wasn’t really a fan of the whole Wizard of Oz thing until the end.

Lula and Sailor are somewhat of an unexpected couple and I can’t really say how I’d feel if they were my parents. but what’s obvious is that they’re happy together and can’t imagine being apart. whether their happiness together comes from a sexual or intimate standpoint, it’s clear they belong together. it’s a trashy sex-crazed romance which come to think about it, it isn’t that much different from any modern-day romance.

anyways I liked it and was thoroughly entertained, but i’ll probably have nightmares about Lula’s mom’s red lipstick covered face

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