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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

rewatches are fun specifically to catch all the little things you hadn’t before. today’s notices:

- “they say ghosts in a house bring wealth” - wife - how the invisibility of poor people’s labour feeds into rich people’s wealth
- moon-kwang’s death scene in english subs still says “that lady was nice, she kicked me down the stairs” - a deviation from the screenplay’s “that bitch pushed me down the stairs” - does anybody know what happened here? is this an issue of translation (maybe a word could hold both meanings) or was the line deliberately changed during shooting, or? i need to know because the concept of “nice” in this movie is my obsession
- tried to be more aware of the concept of “crossing the line” in regards to bong’s use of physical lines in the shots
- how the parks find a thrill in kink roleplaying the behaviours of people they perceive of having less morals than them - in the idea of cheap panties and “sell me drugs” - dipping their toes into something so detached from their reality for sexual pleasure
- the rain only ruining a child’s birthday vs ruining the kims’ home and their lives 
- kijung’s “min would never be in this situation!!” hurts just as badly the second time around
- da-song bowing to jessica that first time is so fucking funny.

this film is crafted so meticulously, we love virgo king bong joon-ho

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