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This review may contain spoilers.

I’ve spent the last week trying to reconcile how I feel about this movie and how I relate to it through my own experiences with grief. The first time I saw it I was so shaken (in a mostly good way) and it hasn’t left my mind since. 

I keep seeing reviews from people who didn’t understand what the tragedy at the beginning had to do with the rest of the film and I don’t understand how someone can fundamentally miss the point so much. That is the plot of the movie! 
Dani has nobody left. Christian is a piece of shit who only stays with Dani out of obligation, something Dani subconsciously knows as does Pelle. 
As twisted as the cult is, they view themselves as a family (they know she has none)  and from the time the film begins, Dani was destined to become one of them. 

While I do think this is similar to Hereditary, I actually think it’s closer to Suspiria. Both of them are sinister fairytales (with dancing and naked chanting!) that explores the theme of rebirth. It also reminded me of how satisfying and empowering I found the Suspiria finale. Although it’s weird to interpret after reading how Ari Aster and Florence Pugh clashed over their interpretations of Dani’s actions at the end.

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