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This review may contain spoilers.

Suspiria (2018) dir. Luca Guadagnino is one of the greatest films of all time *NOT CLICKBAIT*

here are just a few of the many many reasons why i love this Filmé so much:

- so let's start at the beginning because with this masterpiece it is a VERY good place to start ... we first see susie on the platform which just happens to be signposted ‘suspiria’, presenting us with the film's title but also being like HELLO LADIES mother suspiriorum hath ARRIVED !!!! i love that

- at susie's family farm we see the horses tied up and the tractor being used? horses are OUT tractors are IN! mother suspiriorum be like maybe it’s time to let the old ways die see ya later miss helena markos xo

- sara saying “whenever it rains in berlin everyone jumps in a cab” is just such a nice little reference to Suspiria (1977) i appreciated that

- i noticed that when susie’s mum is lying in bed she has her hand laid out beside her as if she's reaching out, longing for it to be held ... however, everyone around her is sat with their hands together and doesn't give her any comfort .... the further susie gets away from her mother and the more powerful SHE becomes the weaker her mother becomes and i love how we see that as the film goes on

- THE HOOKS? I FELT THAT! olga sweetie .....

- speaking of the hooks, one of my FAVOURITE moments is when dr klemperer throws the hook into the river and as it sinks it cuts to susie RISING from her seat !!!!!!!!! OOF

- the colours, the darkness, the weather ... i just love the glooming sense of terror and the mood it creates !!! it really does feel like a piece of its time and i love luca for that !!! oh and all that german dialogue? mayhaps doing german gcse was worth it after all


- the way the mother/daughter relationship between blanc and susie is shown through their changing and matching hair styles !!! their relationship and its development is so interesting i love women

- miss mia goth truly deserves an oscar for those screams alone I GET CHILLS

- i can't make a list like this and NOT mention the volk dance scene !!!! the costumes, the choreography, the editing ??? PEAK CINEMA !!! when they turn the music up it gets my heart RACING go off ladies !!!

- this is a good opportunity for a special shoutout to thom yorke's beautiful nightmare of a score/soundtrack it has me under its spell and will do for the rest of my life i think

- just before it all kicks off big time, susie walks into the dance school, leaves the door wide open and just chucks her gloves and coat on the floor as though she’s walking into her own home where she's the boss ... and rightfully so because she KNOW what she about to do !!!!

- started the list with the start of the film so lets end it with the ending ... the ending really hits me and in a weirdly similar way to how mr perlman's monologue did in cmbyn when he says "right now, there's sorrow, pain. don't kill it and with it the joy you've felt." ... luca reminds us how important what we feel is, whether it be pain or joy, shame or guilt, it is important! we must use what we feel to better ourselves, move forward and learn from our past and, to me, that is what the ending of this film is saying

okay i'll stop now because i could go on for a WHILE and no one actually cares ... but thanks for putting up with me gushing over this film, have a nice day and don't forget to give your soul to the dance !

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