Us ★★★★★

a new nightmare from the mind of Jordan Peele

sophomore slumps are for suckers, and it is evident Peele has plenty of stories he is eager to tell.
with Us he takes his already distinguised style of storytelling to the next level. the slow pacing brings you in, the haunting score keeps you on the edge of your seat and the humor loosens you up so youre vulnerable when the horror kicks in.
Us doesn’t pack as much of a punch as Get Out, and I dont think anything in the next few decades of Peele’s career will influence pop culture more than Get Out did, but it does pose questions far more interesting than Ive seen asked in horror in quite some time. the social commentary here is more layered and less straightforward so I assume different people will take different things from it.
it is exciting to really know Lupita Nyong’o has only scratched the surface of her potential as an actress. my heart longs to see her challenged like this 

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