All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★½

All Quiet on The Western Front gets a colorful and nightmarish update. This is simple story about young men getting thrown into a situation they can’t control. A war that never ends until someone signs a peace treaty. Or a war that won’t end until the last man is standing. Giving the historical context of WWI, the Western Front was the most bloodiest and terrifying section of the war. Blood, guts, and tanks are all covered in muddy water. Bodies being burned, stabbed and mutilated. There’s no survivors in this treacherous war.

There will be some people comparing this to Come and See. And yes, it’s like Come and See. You are following one young man’s journey into hell. Paul sees shit that he doesn’t want to see. He tries to survive miraculously through the Western Front. And where it ends is entirely sad and tracks with the survival rate of these soldiers. Over ten million people died for nothing.

As always, war is hell. It’ll never end.

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