Ammonite ★★★

A colder version of "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" but, that's okay. Kate Winslet's performance is cold and somewhat empty imo. I couldn't really relate to her character. Saoirse Ronan on the other hand is absolutely wonderful in her role. Her character deals with depression and overall emptiness of a tiring marriage. Charlotte Murchison's arc was far more vibrant and interesting than Mary Anning's. I think that was the problem for me. Also, the ending leaves the audience with a metaphor for Murchison and Anning's relationship. I thought that metaphor was half-handed and came out of nowhere.

This is honestly just a vibe movie. Lots of soft sounds, minimal score, beautiful cinematography, and cold filmmaking. I don't really see Ronan and Winslet being nominated for awards this year.

Side note: That sex scene was too much.

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