Annette ★★★½

The Spark Brothers orchestrate a bizarre musical about two LA celebrities who are madly in love. Partially, it’s a rock opera and a fantastical dreamscape.

is the most original musical I’ve seen in my lifetime. Think of it as, The Spark Brothers visualizing an unreleased record of theirs. The story is nonsensical and abstract, yet it’s very simple.

Adam Driver plays a “Bo Burnham”-esque comedian with self-deprecation and Marion Cotillard plays an opera singer with beauty. They both birth a “baby” and that baby becomes the center of attention in L.A. The musical has conflicting themes about L.A celebrity worship, cancel culture, and the weirdness of Hollywood. Leo’s Carax pushes his experimentation to the limit. It gets really silly towards the 2nd act. However, this was overwhelming ambitious and hilarious to witness despite the long runtime.

Adam Driver performs fellatio on Cotillard while singing. Do I need to say more? It’s obvious that Carax and The Spark Brothers are very horny.

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