Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Excuse me while I transport myself into the kosher hot dog fingers universe. I can eat hot dogs all day….

The Daniels ability to turn low brow art into high art continues to impress me. Everything Everywhere All At Once is the most original film you’ll see this year. Bursting with high energy and action set pieces, the film’s basic plot of an Asian mother trying to do her taxes suddenly turns into a nightmare scenario. Evelyn’s from multiple universes have a common theme of trying to bring together her daughter’s love.

Everything Everywhere All At Once runs high on visual gags and inspiration from Wuxia/anime films. Most notably, it feels like a classic Stephen Chao joint. Kung Fu Hustle is one of my favorite films and this delivers the high energy of that film. I can’t say anything else about this film because it’s too crazy to describe EVERYTHING that happened. All I can say is that, this should be seen in theaters asap. Don’t wait till it hits steaming. The audience reactions to each visual gag creates an immersive experience. This is the 2nd film in a row dealing with Asian mothers and their children (Turning Red).

Easily the best film I’ve seen this year so far.

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