Persona ★★★★

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Recommend by George Clark

Persona is the mental struggle between sex and identity. Ingmar Bergman places the audience in a struggled situation through a series of experimental montages and jarring editing.

I've seen a lot of people compare this film to Mulholland Drive. Both are about identity struggles through the main character. However, I feel like this is far more straightforward than Mulholland Drive. Both films however leaves the viewer in an emotional state.

Some might view this as a investigation into schizophrenia or physical attraction. Other might think, the opposite. Maybe, it's about the "persona" actors have to live by. I think by fusing the two personalites in this film, we have a better grasp of its surrealism.

At this point, I'm still stuck with analyzing this film. I think it's best to leave it as an emotionally connective film instead of reaching to the stars with its ambiguity.

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