Suspiria ★★★★★

I just realized that this has anti-fascist messages written all over it. Like, the idea of women being in controlled by "One Mother" during post Nazi Germany seems to be that. But at the same time, you'll have scenes where all the women are having fun and enjoying themselves. However if one woman acts up, she'll be sent to the "One Mother" for a curse. Chloe Moretz fate was terrifying to watch again and her introduction still leaves a mark on me. I applaud Luca Guadanino for really trying to inject anti-fascist, pro-feminist themes especially in this climate. Women need to be heard and freedom through dance/sexuality is prevalent in this film.

Also, can we talk about those dream transitions to the next acts? Like, goddamn! Those sequences are scary and fucked up. I do also think Thom Yorke's score is utilized perfectly. Especially, "The Jumps" and "Unmade".

As for the movie itself, it's aged really well and I still think it's underappreciated in terms of what it's trying to achieve. Arthouse horror is still thriving and is giving us scares + thought provoking themes. I know the runtime is too long and the detective subplot at first wasn't needed. But, the conclusion of the detective subplot is heartwarming and sad at the same time.

Yeah, I still love this movie to death and it makes me sad to see everyone still hate on this film. Y'all are missing a cult classic and this coming from the guy who thinks the OG is style over substance.

This is substance over style....

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