Episode 1-2

We begin Phase 4 with a mindbending minseries. Wandavision pays tribute to the classic 50-60s sitcoms like Leave it to Beaver and I Love Lucy and twist it with sci-fi elements. I was pleasantly surprised to see how this show payed attention to all of the details regarding this era. The theme music, the editing, the accents coming from the main actors all feel "real and authentic". The first two episodes commits to the aesthetic all the way to the common storyline tropes founded in these types of sitcoms. The first two episodes deal with Wanda and Vision settling into a suburbian utopia. All that is perceived to be in Wanda's minds (guessing). The general audience doesn't know yet.

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen so far are a power couple. They embody the role of the 50s nuclear couple. Except, they have powers and everyone around them don't know.

So far, it's so good and I'm kinda tired of people saying that Marvel has a formula. They don't. They always do something different. This is the new age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we are all here for it.

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