Call Me by Your Name

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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel numb. Elio lost so much more than a lover but a piece of himself. The movie title, call me by your name when Elio is fucking Oliver he says his own name, attaching a part of his soul to Oliver. When Oliver leaves so does a part of Elio, but not before falling in love with that part of himself as well. As much as this is a romance it is also a coming of age, Elio accepting a part of himself and then the emptiness that follows when that part of him leaves. The last shot wrecked me. I have never in my entire life been so moved by a single image. I want to make a film with that single image. For me, someone floating in a pool looking up and crying, the tears flowing into the water meaningless among the expanse of water as the chatter continues.

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