Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★

i want a divorce

Incredibly robust for the majority of its runtime by doing an excellent job of balancing the horror and dark comedy throughout, not wasting the audiences time with unnecessary exposition and keeping its fast pacing. Ready or not is obviously not a perfect film- it's stupidly predictable, contains a third act that suffers from directorial choices that are disappointing and a horror genre label that it never justifies. Fortunately for us, the exaggerated performances and abundant amount of exciting sequences bring enough popcorn moments to balance the negatives out. Ready or Not feels like a needle in a haystack in the sense that with an overflowing amount of films trying the formula of horror mixed with comedy and failing, Ready or Not actually pulls it off. Not flawlessly I mind you, but just enough for it to be worth getting to your butt in a seat.

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