The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Performance-wise, this may be the best-acted film of the year that I've seen so far. And as the star of this uncanny ensemble, Tom Holland is surprisingly great, and he pulls off the tortured soul in ways that I couldn't ever imagine him pulling off (I would be shocked if somebody finishes this film and isn't excited to see what Holland does next.) But the script is stuffed beyond repair. Subplots and the overlong introduction plague the pacing and the tone the film is trying to project. And the dialogue is divisive, with every line setting up a methodical, slow burn that tries to play with your mind. Now, if you like that, you'll find yourself entertained. But as someone with the attention span of a goldfish and not a carer for this type of character exchanges, I found myself bored, and the film felt like twice it's runtime.

Check it out; you might hate it or love it, but it's a good time killer all in all.

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