Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★

i guess i started smokin' when i was about four

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Although it contains a slick and stellar soundtrack and fun performances from Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, Wild at Heart has nothing else going for it. The entire film feels like one big parody of its genres, but imitations are supposed to be funny, and instead of landing on the side of comedic or even engaging, it falls on its face by being obnoxious. The pacing is so dull and so slow that its a slugfest to get through certain scenes. The majority of the characters are flat and make the poorly written dialogue feel even more inadequate. But what's the biggest issue with Wild at Heart is the stupidity of it all. Everything about it is unrealistic beyond belief, but that wouldn't matter if there's the right amount of entertainment value to it (ex. The Fast and the Furious franchise), but it doesn't. The dialogue, the over the top performances and "action" scenes aren't indulging in the slightest. I know many people love this film, but I can't find the appeal of it.

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