Mamma Mia! ★★

i dont have anything coherent to say about this movie so here is a collection of thoughts i had while watching it:
1. why are sophie and her friends so excited to read about her mom getting dicked down
2. they better sing fernando in this
3. say what you want about this movie the money money money fantasy sequence is too iconic for this world
4. dancing queen is cute lmao
5. NEVERMIND why is meryl streep jumping on her bed with her shoes on.. ya nasty
6. after nude scenes in thor 2, nymphomaniac and this movie im pretty sure stellan skarsgard is an exhibitionist with his heart set on ruining my life
7. why wont my mom and her feminist girl group sing at my bachelorette party??
8. PIERCE... HONEy that voice.. oof
9. Fernando... where you at?????
10. the does your mother know scene is good and the song works in the context of the movie, but its a weird song on its own????
11. how did meryl streep get up the stairs so fast to follow the wedding procession after that messy ass winner takes it all scene. you doing cardio or smth we want answers meryl!
12. f e r n a n d o
13. imagine hauling ass to greece to see a wedding that almost didnt happen, then have to watch pierce brosnan headass sing at the reception
14. why didnt julie walters get more songs
15. the sequel to this better be about colin firth and his greek boyfriend, sorry lily james
16. wow i really played myself fernando wasnt in this

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