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This review may contain spoilers.

"Nature eats everything it catches. Right down to the bone. Doesn't give a shit if it's a cute girl"

...Okay, this one I'm definitely 1) surprised by, and 2) gonna catch flak for

Months ago I hear about a new Wrong Turn film. I had a moment last year where I binged the franchise; the first three I legit liked and the first two I'd go as far as to say were pretty good! Like Saw, a surprisingly solid film trilogy in a genre where those definitely don't happen too often. And then, like Saw, it had to keep going, but unlike Saw, where I'd actually watch some of those later entries again, I'll never glance at Wrong Turn 4, 5 or 6. Absolute garbage. My hope after hearing this would exist (nothing else about it since, aside from seeing one still image) was that this would be more along the lines of the first three than the final three, quality-wise

Of all the things I expected, this being my favorite Wrong Turn, and solidly so, wasn't on the list

The only flaws I found in the whole film were the runtime (there were at least 3 fakeout endings that I wouldn't have complained about if they'd been the actual ending and cut the film down about ten minutes. Despite the actual ending we get during the credits being...pretty perfect. So yeah, that's a minor one) and the bury your gays trope being fulfilled early, which was the one thing that stuck in my craw for a bit after it happened. It's a horror film, characters will die, but could we maybe possibly not let it happen immediately and as the first kill? Why do straight characters Very Frequently get actual stories told and time to have you learn about them, while the non-straights get discarded minutes after introduction? Again, that's something I know I'll probably lose some people on. Don't care, queer man here sick of queer characters always being the quickest and most expendable on film and TV. It's been decades of this happening, let the trope be disposed of, it's outlived us

Anyway, enough about what I hated. What I loved was that this had the brutal deaths you've come to expect from the franchise, and basically everything else has been changed. Such a great idea to change the killers from being inbred redneck cannibals to this intelligent cult who see the havoc humanity's wreaking on itself and moved on to try survival away from the coming disaster. The trouble comes when average friends come along and accidentally trespass. Charlotte Vega does a great job starring as the sympathetic one of the group that tries to bargain with the villagers, and the death scenes are tense and frightening at times

And like I said, if you watch this, stick around for the credits. You won't be disappointed

Maybe my mind changes on all of this and how much I like (almost all of) it on a rewatch or two. Right now I'd say it's a great sign though that I even see myself watching this two more times, something I've never said about a Wrong Turn film before!

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