Naked ★★

It seems like it wants to be real, but it didn't seem real to me at all. It's starts off with the main character gettin very lucky. I don't have a problem believin in good luck, but as the movie goes along, he just continues to get too lucky and it's due to the characters in this movie being nicer, dumber or just mentally weaker than people usually are in real life...

Realistically, people don't let strangers hangout, let alone sleep and shower, in their homes. This happens 4 different times that are not related. Realistically, people don't let strangers off the street travel with them on their job. Realistically, security guards don't let strangers hangout inside the secured property that they are guardin.

There's a few good moments within the social commentary delivered in the movie, but most of it's commentary is not worth mentionin.

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