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  • Summer Vacation 1999
  • Jessica Forever
  • The Palace of Angels
  • 301/302

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  • Don Jon

    Don Jon


    this is both as bad as i remembered and also not nearly as bad as i remembered (as bad as liberal arts). its way more funny with context tho

  • Deep End

    Deep End


    what a brutal denouement for how understated and low volume it is. love the juxtaposition between the chlorinated fluorescent interior shots, all sickbay green, and the wilting cool grays of the exteriors, only pops of color in faces and street side facades. love how the sexual encounter is shot, all hands and hair and neck and skin, erotic by touch more than any other sense. lots of grace notes here for asher, and so fun as a performance, but moulder brown's characterization required like just the right youthful curiosity and vicious doggedness that i think he nails.

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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Promising Young Woman asks the question "what does a rape revenge film in the era of #MeToo look like" but is so fundamentally uncomfortable with the idea of that revenge, in any permutations, that the first 3/4s of the film are low-brow 3rd Wave listicle-format lectures on "nice guys" and date rape and it ends with its protagonist, framed the whole time as literally messianic, failing her one attempted murder, getting killed herself, and the "justice" served against the primary…

  • Malignant


    every bit of horror from the 2010s, from neo gialli revivalism to hereditary to every stranger things inspired 80s nostalgia trip to resident evil to wans brand of zany beligerent incompetent midbrow studio horror to like idk remedy games and bloober team and silent hill fan games, just happening at once, concurrently, with additional 70s exploitation film racism in the costume department and like network television police procedural caricatures. the fact that ray chase, or noctis lucis caem from final fantasy…