• Even the Wind Is Afraid

    Even the Wind Is Afraid


    kinda immaculate. slightly lower impact than i expected but also way more masterful compositionally. contextually fascinating given the year of release and general climate, symbolically engaged with combating the regime under which it was produced, but a lot of it is just girls hanging out and being a lil silly, a lil weird, often mean. way sophisticated on level of shot composition and lighting. every tableux of the girls is intimate and yet strikingly structured, ascetic. tough balance to strike. kittys dance scene is insane. lots of feet.

  • I Know Who Killed Me

    I Know Who Killed Me


    contextually, the cinematic midpoint between spears's blackout and abraham's my teenage dream is over as directed by a letterboxd guy way before they had any of those. its not as good as either of those albums btw but it is fun. killer reveals suuuucks. frequently visually stimulating but like very self aware and ostentatious about it which i thiiiink eventually works against it, esp given the way it is like filmed intermittently like a television movie. score actually goes hard occasionally. i dont care one way or the other for the ways in which it is very consciously derivative, tbh.

  • The Company

    The Company


    i don't think this would be to everyone's taste the way it is to mine, but altman's sensibilities around ensembles is very moving and fleetfooted, shifting perspective gracefully and yet noncommittally, allowing scenes to stand alone and inform texture, structure, and character without being integral to "forward momentum of plot." neve campbell's dance performance is kind of incredible, her background in ballet and pre-shoot injury through training lending a physicality to her presence on screen that most actresses in comparable…

  • Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

    "Do you think God stays in Heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?" was GOAT talk no questions about it.

  • The Blood on Satan's Claw

    The Blood on Satan's Claw


    only a half thought: when people discuss the necessity of rape scenes i think this is a decent case to discuss, as the scene itself is structurally and thematically necessary to the film and its thesis especially regarding the psychosexual and psychosocial constructions of myth and spirituality in this community. it was no longer play some time ago but here the recreation of patriarchal violence is most prevalent and coherent. the dialectics of the timeworn but surprisingly well conceived polarities…

  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    2 = 3 >>> 1, which only barely rises to the occasion through one very intimate and somnambulent scene of the two women in the car, and one fantastic gag. the second two sequences are deeply lovely though, and the second one is like actually one of the funniest things i've seen in theaters in years (not a lot of fierce competition but ill take it). i gasped when she misspelled his name!! the ending of 2 is a little awkward…

  • Popeye



    my only real complaint is that the opening minutes are a little weak. the ensemble action is fun and i love how atonal and sloppy the vocal performances are, and there is a very off-kilter sensibility to the whole thing even from the get go, but it doesn't quite cohere or become fun for me until we start seeing more of the lead players. duvall's song about bluto being large, smith's dubbed over song about himself (bluto) being mean, and…

  • Slumber Party Massacre II

    Slumber Party Massacre II


    this >>> the lure . never felt so represented as "girl who is crazy enough to have ruined social gatherings and then the vibes are off and your friends want you to leave."

  • Bride of Chucky

    Bride of Chucky


    heteropessimism sex comedy horror riff on bonnie and clyde. the kill on the water bed is to die for. tilly... what more needs to be said. never watched another of these in full but had such a good time.

  • Spy Kids

    Spy Kids


    carla gugino if you read this im free on thursday night and would like to hang out. please respond to this and then hang out with me on thursday night when im free.

  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    unrated but an amicable stopgap to watching the show on a youtube recording (which i still might do). sondheim is kind of one of the only good showtune lyricists, and the compositions backing are exciting and fullbodied, but a lot of the performances are not up to snuff. depp is "alright" at best but hes a baritone/tenor playing baritone/bass-baritone role he's too young for; rickman can't sing for shit; baron cohen shyster italian act is funny but that song is…

  • Fatal Frame

    Fatal Frame


    the last photograph is clever; very particular reworking of the series iconography. the little boy runs around all movie photographing ghosts in the way mayu and mio might in fatal frame 2, and the other boys chastise him, "where are the ghosts? i dont see any." "thats the point." he is banishing them as you would in all the games. michi, though, sees aya shrouded in the ghosts of girls they knew, their poor departed souls lost to decades long…