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This review may contain spoilers.

I believe this movie should win Best Picture. I've seen only half of the movies up for the award, but I can happily say that if it was up to me, this movie would be the winner.

You see, when you got to the movies or illegally stream this you really don't know what you're up against. Is this a sad movie because it takes place during WW2? Is it a happy movie because it involves an imaginative child? Is it a funny movie because there's a dancing confused Hitler and Rebel Wilson burning and shooting things? Is it an intellectual movie because it involves a hidden jew? The answer is yes.

When I went to see it I really didn't know, and then it finished and I still didn't know. It made me burst into laughter and ugly cry. I felt hope and I felt abandoned. I felt all the feels. And that's a good movie.

I study journalism, and a teacher of mine used this movie (before I saw it) as an example of a way to write a chronicle. This is not historically accurate, of course Hitler didn't jump off a window and ate a unicorn, and the times weren't as happy in Germany during WW2, but that's how Jojo felt. This is storytelling by a child, and it is of the outmost importance that these silly details are told, it enriches the story. Because we didn't come to watch *another* WW2 sad film, we came to see him, and his story

The last few years most of the movies up for Best Picture are dense, hard worked, dramatic movies, like 1917. But for once, I'd like that a movie that it's more than one gray picture of life wins. The cinematography is beautiful (and it literally has a bunch of colors), the music sublime, the outfits charming and the acting pure.

This should win Best Picture and I really don't want to tell you why. I hope you watch it and understand why.

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