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  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch


    I'm not surprised that most people seemed to be down on this, but you all are nuts. Best VVitch movie of the year.

  • The Visit

    The Visit


    Is it possible for these kids say "Pop Pop" any more times?

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  • Heathers



    Looking back at a lot of high school set comedies, I’m finding it hard to think of any movie that I can even compare to Heathers.

    Obviously starting in the ‘80s looking for possible contemporaries, John Hughes immediately comes to mind. Nope, that doesn’t work. Heathers is infinitely darker, more mature, and is in no way shape or form even close to John Hughes movie. If you go in looking for something along those lines you will be sorely disappointed.…

  • Brick



    Some people salivate over Christopher Nolan. Some people hold Joss Whedon as God's gift to cinema. Others may think worlds of PTA, Scorsese, or Kubrick and that none of those directors can do wrong. That is all well and good, but my inner movie fanboyism is pointed at someone else.

    With just three films under his belt, no one excites me more these days than Rian Johnson. All three of his movies have a bold, staunch vision that doesn't compromise…