Killer Joe ★★★★½

An utterly disgusting view of terrible people doing terrible things to each other. Killer Joe is my kind of movie.

Anchored by some stellar performances, Killer Joe is a slow burn where you know everything is going to spin out of control, but you are unsure as to just what extent and how far it will go. McConaughey certainly deserves all the praise he's been given but everyone is really great, especially Thomas Hayden Church I thought.

Friedkin just takes you deeper and deeper into the character's hellish experiences until all that tension finally lets loose in the final moments. Its been about a week since I watched this and am writing this review, but I've thought about this movie numerous times and it has really stuck with me.

Killer Joe is grimy, cringe-worthy, sadistic, and leaves you with a haunting sense of despair that I still can't shake a week later. I loved it.

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