The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

Scavenger Hunt 15 - A film starring an actor/ actress from the TV show The Walking Dead (Gary Weeks)

It's nice to see a studio release that strives to please only itself, not the audience. Shane Black's The Nice Guys is nice because it's not a disposable summer movie made for a certain audience looking for a standad neo-noir to pass two hours. Neo-noirs aren't even in demand anymore, and based on the movie's box office, neither are original movies.

How's the movie itself? It's good. The plotting is a little messy (and confusing) in the beginning, but it's fun to see Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling have so much fun together. Great buddy comedies work because there's a tangible "buddiness", and it seems there is "buddiness" between Crowe and Gosling. If not, consider me fooled and consider them great actors. Angourie Rice plays Ryan Gosling's character's daughter in the movie, and she's charming and fantastic. She's gonna go places.

Shane Black isn't breaking any new ground with this love letter to the paranoid and conspiracy riddled '70s. But The Nice Guys feels fresh. It's smarmy in the best Shane Black way. I don't think anyone was specifically asking for a Shane Black/Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling buddy-mystery movie, but it seems many people (myself included) are pleased with its existence. It's not the original film the audiences wanted, but The Nice Guys is what we need.

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